In modern liposculpture procedures we mainly use the laser, a wonderful element that allows, first of all, lipolysis, a well-known term that means ‘melting’ fat.

The second great benefit of the laser is photo-coagulation, that is, it coagulates and closes the blood vessels, reducing bleeding and seroma, and therefore recovery time. Great benefits over traditional ultrasound technologies.


After childbirth, changes in the components of the abdominal wall frequently occur, such as sagging muscles, the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, and an increase in adipose tissue; which makes this procedure the most performed on mothers.

There are two modalities: The Mini-Abdominoplasty is an abdominoplasty with minimal scars recommended for patients who only have muscle sagging, without stretch marks.

Abdominal Lipectomy or Complete Abdominoplasty, indicated in patients who present both muscle sagging, stretch marks and skin alterations.

In both cases, liposculpture is also worked on in the region of the legs and back, seeking to define the body contour.