This surgery has stood the test of time. It basically consists of operating on the entire aged face, including the forehead, upper eyelids, lower eyelids, cheek and neck.

Techniques in rhytidoplasty have been evolving in a spectacular way; for the entire upper part of the face, we now use endoscopic elements, which are similar to those used to operate the gallbladder or to perform intra-abdominal surgeries. We also do this in facial surgery, since scars are strikingly reduced with this approach. In neck surgery we also perform a cervicoplasty, always assisted with a surgical laser. This surgery is becoming more important and much more common as our population ages, because more and more elderly people are in excellent physical condition, and they do sport, are athletes, or work in companies. These types of patients are coming to us a lot.

There is no facial surgery where naturalness is more important than in a rhytidoplasty, in which success can be defined with an example when, four or six months after the operation, the patient tells her surgeon that her friends did not ask her ” Did you have surgery?”, but they say in amazement, “Hey, you really look gorgeous!”

Let’s remember that this is the combination of all facial, forehead, eyelid, cheek and neck surgeries.