It is a natural compound in our body, which means it will never be rejected.

It is naturally found in the skin, acting as a moisturizing factor, and in the cartilage tissue, as a restorative and lubricant in the joints, reducing friction thanks to its great ability to attract and retain WATER

As a facial cosmetic treatment, it is used:

AS A FILLER, when used in gel in the region of the cheekbones and nasal folds.

AS A MOISTURIZING AGENT, it can be used in aqueous form as a skin lubricant.

PROFILING: A very fashionable procedure, which consists of improving the shape and volume of the bony part of the face, including mandibular and nasal profiling.

I have been working with ALLERGAN’s JUVEDERM line for 20 years, which in my opinion is the world’s leading brand in hyaluronic acid.