Facial fat grafting is one of the most beautiful tools of modern facial plastic surgery. It consists of using the patient’s own fat, which is subjected to three filters, depending on the thickness of the fat we want to use; through the widest filter will come out the fat that we can use as a filler, similar to the way in which hyaluronic acid is used to improve the nasolabial folds, to enhance the appearance of the cheekbones; if we continue narrowing the filter, and we use the intermediate filter, we are talking about micrografts, which we use mainly to place them at the deep layer of the skin; these micrografts will basically improve the quality of the skin and will be rich in stem cells; and finally, when we talk about the smallest filter, we refer to the use of nanografts, which are also very rich in stem cells and help to improve the synthesis of collagen, and can also be placed at the level of the eyelids for eyelid rejuvenation.

Let’s bear in mind that Macrografts are used as fillers, and that Micrografts and Nanografts dramatically improve the quality of the skin given that they are very rich in stem cells.