Mammoplasty – Breast augmentation, reduction and pexy

For breast augmentation and/or lifting, implants are an excellent alternative. They can be of 3 types: Silicone, Saline Solution or Polyurethane. Of the 3, the silicone ones offer better results because their appearance is more natural and they have greater durability.

The type of implants should be discussed with the patient after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each one, as well as the shape and texture of the implants. They can be round or two-dimensional (for cases of breast reconstruction), and smooth or textured, the latter being of better quality and with a lower incidence of capsular contracture.

The scar depends on the type of surgery; whether it is a pure increase, pexia -lifting-, or a combination of both.

Gluteoplasty or buttock augmentation

There are two ways to perform gluteal area augmentation: The first is the placement of two-dimensional implants, which in my experience are the ones that offer the most natural results. The other alternative is fat injection – Lipoinjection or Lipofilling -, which is performed together with a complete liposculpture.

The type of procedure is chosen with the patient. If the patient’s amount of fat allows it, the best option is Lipoinjection. Otherwise, the only option is implants. Due to my experience and commitment to the quality and naturalness of the surgery, I do not use round gluteal implants because I consider that the results are not natural.