The Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from a blood sample from the patient in an specialized laboratory. Blood is centrifuged to separate its components; blood cells and plasma with a high concentration of platelets. The function of the platelets in the body, when there is a wound, is to coagulate the blood and repair damaged tissue.

The capacity of the platelets to regenerate tissue allowed for its application on aesthetic medicine to be discovered. They segregate growth factors that stimulate the cellular division and the production of collagen through the fibroblasts of the dermis.

I recommend doing 3 sessions per year every one or two months and then repeat this routine every year.
I invite you to see this video that explains the procedure step by step and the properties of the Dermatic 3 (pneumatic pistol), state-of-the-art device used for the application of PRP that offers important advantages compared to the conventional syringe.

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