Eyelids rejuvenation surgery

Research and technology have allowed us to achieve a high level of perfection in this type of procedure, with less invasive techniques.

With aging, the skin and periocular tissues change. In the lower eyelids, the sagging of the skin, muscles and tendons generates wrinkles and the fat from the orbit accumulates forming ‘bags’. A delicate handling of these bags is performed, which, in most cases, are not extracted but relocated, to achieve a more natural appearance. With Cantopexy, the eyelids structures are tensed and sometimes it is necessary to remove a small amount of skin.

In the upper eyelids, the most common problem is the sagging of the skin over the eye causing, besides the aesthetical aspect, eye fatigue and decreasing of the field of view. The excess of skin and fat is removed and, occasionally, a part of the orbicular muscle.

In my procedures I associate 95% of upper Blepharoplasties to endoscopic frontoplasty and lower Blepharoplasties to cheek suspension. This allows for a complete handling of the middle and upper third of the face, obtaining results that look 7 to 10 years younger.

Different surgeries on different patients