It consists on improving the shape of the nose, solving mainly aesthetic problems like dorsal humps and congenital malformations or malformations due to traumatic events.

The Septoplasty is a different procedure that corrects septum deviation, but could cause functional problems. However, it is common to do it together with Rhynoplasty.

It is, in mi own judgement, the most beautiful surgical procedure of all performed in plastic surgery since it requires the integration of various elements: first, a deep knowledge in anatomy that allows a perfect integration of the aesthetic and functional part of the nose. The second one, given that every face is different, requires the surgical ability to produce natural results. A good rhinoplasty is not only the individual result of the nose but how it integrates with the patient’s face.

Results are seen from the same moment of the surgery, but it takes from 3 to 6 months for the inflammation to disappear. In my experience, I perform 95% of my surgeries in a closed way, therefore not leaving any visible scars.

The same surgery is not right for every person