For breast augmentation or lifting, implants are an excellent alternative. They can be of three types: Silicon, saline solution or polyurethane. From those three, silicone ones offer the best results due to their more natural appearance and durability.

The type of implants must be discussed with the patient after knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the form and texture of the implants. They can be round or bidimensional (for breast reconstruction cases), and smooth or texturized, the latest offering better quality and less incidence of capsular contracture.

The scar depends on the type of surgery; whether it is just augmentation, pexia -lifting-, or a combination of both.

Durability of breast implants: it is true that modern implants have lifetime warranty for rupture, but this does not mean they don’t need to ne changed. There are other factors that demand the replacement of the implants every 10 to 15 years, which I explain in the following video.

On men, a gynecomastia is performed when there is a pathologic enlargement of the mammary glands. Once the reasons that may cause it are identified, the right treatment should be plastic surgery or a simple liposuction when the amount of adipose tissue is significative.

A good surgery goes unnoticed